Friday, March 28, 2014

My "addiction"

So I have realized that I have a problem.  No, it's not drugs or anything like that.  It's making cassette tapes. xD
When I was a little girl, my father gave me a tape recorder and I've been making tapes ever since.  These are tapes about my feelings and most inner thoughts.  They help me sort through my problems and express my anger without hurting myself or others.  So over the years, I've gotten so used to it that it's really weird when I don't have my recorder. 
Earlier today I was walking around and wishing I had it (it's at my parents' house with some of my other stuff and I keep forgetting to bring it with me).  I even thought about using some of this month's rent money to buy a new recorder xD yeah, it's bad.  But.  I didn't do it.  I make videos instead.

Changing the subject:  today was pretty good.  I start my solo and duet next week Wednesday!  So excited about it!  So that would be 5 classes.  I'm sure my legs will be sore (haha), but I think it will be really fun and a good work out!

There's this girl in my English class who I've wanted to talk to for almost 4 months now, but I've been too nervous (I don't usually get along with girls too well).  So today she started talking about how she was going to shave her hair (actually around this time) tonight for a cancer thing.  I thought that was pretty sweet to begin with, then when the girl next to her asked "what about when people judge you?" and she said she didn't care what people thought, I decided I was talking to her after class.  So I did and I asked her about it.  She told me where to sign up and stuff.  Honestly, I've wanted to do this for 3 years now because a woman from our church choir died from cancer, but recently I've decided I'm going to shave it all off this summer because one of my close friends was diagnosed last summer and I want to do something for her.  This girl from English was really happy about my decision and offered to go with me when I did it.

My main point is, sometimes people really make me mad because they're so selfish, but this one girl restored my hope in humans.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I went to my friend's house last Friday night and we ended up cleaning up her room a little.  It was funny because I started going through her drawers and finding random stuff like nail polish containers and papers from school.  For anyone who suddenly got suspicious that I was snooping, you are wrong.  I was re-folding all of her clothes and that other stuff just happened to be in there.  So then we decided to take videos of us cleaning and how much I was freaking out on her and we ended up re-doing them over and over again because we kept saying things we shouldn't have been saying.  For example, she has a crush on my friend Jarred and she started asking me some really random questions (of which I can not put up on here).  Then she said if he watched the video he wouldn't have been able to hear what she was saying while she was standing right next to the camera and practically yelling across the room. xD  Best night ever.
Last night I went to Jarred's house and we were watching "stoner" movies as he calls them.  They were completely unrealistic, but he said that's what makes them so funny.  This morning he was itching to play with his whip outside so we did that and he taught me how to make it crack which was pretty wicked and scary at the same time!  He showed me how to hold it so I wouldn't hit myself with it. xD  Then I got to hold his brother's lizard things. 

Shall I rant? Meh.  The only thing I would have to rant about is the cold as F*** weather!  It's March, people!  Remember last year when you could wear light jackets outside around this time?  Yeah, I miss that.  I don't have a car, right?  So when I have to walk to the store every damn day and bundle up, it kind of blows.  Jarred says he's a pussy when it comes to the cold.  It's funny when he's the one complaining and I go "hey, I am freezing 99.9 percent of the time so when the temperature is over 40, it's f***ing wonderful!"

Okay, I haven't really mentioned anything about Kitten.  He's my fiance.  He currently lives in Colorado while I'm here a thousand + miles away freezing my a** off at the gates of hell.  I can get super mad at him when he's sitting there talking about it being 50+ degrees out almost every day and here it is in the negatives here.
Here's a rant.  What is with people when they get all angry because Kitten is 31?!  I am an adult and can make my own damn decisions and if they don't like it, then they can just stop it and leave me alone!

Well...that really wasn't a rant.  Just me complaining.  I hope all my readers (who probably consist of 0 people) have a wonderful night.   

Monday, March 17, 2014


Hey, I'm Lynie! 
I am new to this so don't be too mean.  I feel like telling you a bit about me so that's what I'm going to do.  I love to write and tend to do a lot of it so it will probably get boring to anyone who couldn't care less about my personal opinions or stories.  There will probably be a lot of stories, but I'm going to change people's names. 
The following people will probably be mentioned a lot:
Lindsay, Kitten, Jarred...and others.

Now I will get into the useless stuff like my favorite bands and stuff. 
Favorite band/group: Mindless Self Indulgence
Favorite book: Undecided
Favorite song: Ass Backwards by the above. * This group reminds me of my ex boyfriend.  Ew.  That was a huge waste of my time! His name is S***********. And here you thought I would tell you, didn't you?

----okay so I have the most random story ever.  I'm sitting in the room I share with my roommate and listening to MSI.  If you have ever listened to any of their songs, they can be random as f***.  So I was listening to "2 Hookers and an 8 Ball" and texting Jarred and suddenly I hear "bad case of rabies" and just burst out laughing.  Then I laugh harder because I'm imaging this other time when I was in a car with my fiance's friend and I started giggling incessantly and creeped the poor man out.  So I'm thinking "I wonder what my roommate thinks." She probably thinks I have problems. xD  I'm just hyper.  Like always.  ----