Monday, April 21, 2014

I just got back from a 2 hour bike ride which really helped my confused thoughts.  Sorta xD. 

Earlier today I was just kind of standing around by the school and my friend Katie walked up and we started talking and she was talking about how her boyfriend and her were going on a date or something and she wanted to look nice so I offered to help with her hair and make up and all that girly stuff.  Wow, that was a very long sentence.  But anyways, we were in the bathroom and she didn't have anything other than mousse to put in her hair so I started twisting it like dreads.  She was all "omg...I have dreads xD" and we had a bit of a laugh over it.  I may be going on the school radio with her on Wednesday!  So excited!  Because we may just be doing like a talk show type thing.

I've been debating on what I want to get pierced.  First it was my eyebrow back a few years ago, then my lip, then my nose, then my tongue.  Ugh.  I talked to my roommate earlier when she got home from school and I asked her what she thought I should get.  She thinks a little stud in my nose would look good and she said she wanted one too.  What's really cool is we both decided to try to get ours done together next month!! :D  I think we may becoming friends. 

And!  My friend Adam is finally coming over tomorrow so we may go for a walk or something.  I hope it's semi-nice.  Then I can show off my tattoos as Lindsay calls it.  xDD.  Funny story:  earlier she calls me up and asks if I want to go to Walmart with her and her dad.  I had nothing better to do so obviously I said yes.  When they came to pick me up (because it was beautiful out), I was wearing a dude's tank top and some baggy jeans.  I come running out and this kid on a bike is looking at me like (O.O) and I was confused why.  I get in the car and Lindsay goes "are you in some kind of gang or something?" xD wow, Linds.  I was asked twice today if I'm on probation and once before (by Jarred's grandma) if I was ever in jail.  Is there some kind of vibe coming off me???

Kitten was really p***ed at me today and he told me that he didn't want to be friends or something.  I feel like crap and lonely because he was really one of the only people I have ever trusted to tell my whole story to.  For those who actually care, I'm not a very popular person.  Of course, it's most likely because I have problems with people...problems with caring for people mostly.  I didn't learn to stop caring, I learned to stop feeling emotions toward people.  I'm not exactly sure what causes it, but it could have been the "you don't have friends" thing.  Usually when someone's a prick, I stop talking to them altogether.  There's no need for that negativity in my life. 

My bike ride was interesting.  So I was listening to music while I was riding and I saw this guy walking down the street.  He looked miserable.  Suddenly a Nightcore version of...I can't remember the song title and I'm too lazy to go look...came on and it's all upbeat and sounds kind of like something one would play at a rave.  Not like I have ever been to anything like that (low social standing, remember?).  Then as I pass him, I giggled at an image I got in my head.  It's like he's walking down the sidewalk and all of the sudden I pop out of nowhere on my bike with light up gloves and the song playing.  It would have been one of those "wtf?!" moments which was so funny.

So, yeah, I'm just sitting here on my bed writing this.  My roommate is over there working on some type of homework so I don't want to suddenly start giggling like before.  Oh s***, I just did.... X:  Anyways, I'm overly tired or something.  And my stomach is making the most random noises ever like "I know you just fed me, but I deserve more, B****!!!!"  If stomachs could talk, that would be super creepy.  Along with that movie I went to see last night with Jarred xD. It was Transcendence or something and super creepy.  There was a part where pieces of healing dirt were flinging around to possess people!! I'm kidding, but they both die in the end.  I spoiled it, sorry.  :P

Okay.  Night all those...people out there reading this (audience here's silence and crickets symbolizing there is NO ONE there).

Stalker Tendencies *** I'm not really a stalker, but sometimes I like starting conversations with random people :D  That's how you make friends.  You know, if they aren't too stuck up.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My solo is awesome!  My teacher says I only have about 30 seconds left! :D  I really can't wait until my recital. 
So just listening to What If I Was Nothing by All That Remains.  It sort of makes me think of Jarred and how he told me to listen to it...makes me sad (haha).  It is a really pretty song <3.
I went over to my grandpa's earlier this afternoon after my friend Jeffy helped me fix my bike.  So far it's working fine :3  So thank you, Jeffy if you're reading this.  It was funny because I talked about music for like 3 hours with my grandpa.  At least he didn't seem to be getting bored with me.  He even endured my favorite "screamo" songs xD. 

I have to do a speech next Friday and I think I finally figured out what I want to do.  It makes me nervous though. 

Then tomorrow I go to my parents' to work on a truck and I may be spending the night (joy...).


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jarred and I were hanging out playing music and talking when he gets up.
Him: I'm going to make breakfast.
Me: OOHH!  Wait!  I wanna play something!  *types the name of a song into You Tube search thingy and smiling like an idiot*
(Manic Monday by The Bangles starts playing).
Me:  :DD *really excited and singing along*
Jarred:  *slowly walks out door looking embarrassed*

Haha.  Best moment ever.  The reason it was so funny was because his brother and little kids (I'm not sure if they were his cousins) were right outside the door and they could hear the music.  So while he was downstairs making himself some food, I was drawing on his wall and blasting girly tunes xD.

So I'm rocking out to Manic Monday once again :3 such an awesome song.

Holy crap!  I just realized that I like another of their songs... Walk Like An Egyptian...

Had an interesting experience today.  So I finally got a bike and the tire went flat when I was way across town from my apartment.  And it was snowing.  I got really mad and had to call a ride from my old "roommate".  Let's not get into the story about him right now.  I'd rather forget.

Just got back from choir practice and I figured out something while I was there.  I want to start writing little skit things in a journal and one day make claymation with it.  That would be super cool.  And, of course, they would be really random xD and weird.

I would like to learn the guitar part in Last Resort by Papa Roach.  I could see myself rocking out in a band up on stage with a mohawk.  I'm not sure...just being really random.

Well... goodnight.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

It was a wonderful day out today.  The sun was shining and the squirrels were out.  So I went for a walk in search of new friends.  It didn't happen, but that's okay.  Oooh and I made a tape.

And...currently I'm about to get into an argument with my father.  I asked my mum if I could use one of their bikes to ride to a job when I get one and she told me to ask him so now he's complaining and I told him that it's better than walking everywhere.  At least I have a chance to survive if someone is chasing me xD  But think about it...and he's just mad that I'm living somewhere where he can't tell me what to do.

Gah.  Algebra homework...which I probably shouldn't do while I'm mad because I'll chuck my laptop across the room if I get frustrated enough.  Then I wouldn't be able to do my homework so it wouldn't be a smart move.  Anyway.  Happier thoughts. :3

I'm excited to get home because then I can go for a nice bike ride.  Notice I said bike?  I'm going to have a bike whether they let me have one or not.  It would be very helpful in my life.

Was that even considered a happier thought? 

Well...I get to see Jared tomorrow.  I'm excited about that :3  He said he would help me with my algebra.  Of's actually kind of funny.  That's where we met.  We were in the same class and one day he talked to me.  It's funny because I thought he would never talk to me.
(I'm just writing about anything and everything right now so I'm sorry).
But yeah, he's really smart and good with math. 
I'm more of the artistic kind.  I can't stand math or science because I don't understand them, but give me anything to do with dance or music and I could probably do it.  Not bragging, just saying. 

Well I've probably killed anyone who bothers to read these with boredom.  I am very sorry, but I'm passing out so GOODNIGHT.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Today was such a beautiful day.  As soon as I got home, I cleaned the apartment and did my two loads of laundry.  Then I opened the door and let some fresh air in while rocking out to some Green Day (I bet the neighbors were happy about that one).  Lindsay came over for a couple hours and we walked around a bit then she saw these two guys a couple houses away and then one's girlfriend popped out of nowhere xD.  When we got back to my house, we hung out in front for a while waiting for her dad to pick her up.  I practiced my solo in the driveway and people were looking at me weird as they drove by. 

I'm going over to Lindsay's house tomorrow and I'm excited because I get to help them outside.  Hopefully it's nice like it was today.

I have dance tonight so I'm just relaxing for a couple hours and listening to music.  I ate too much sugar earlier because now my tummy hurts :(

Should I do a story or just complain about something?  The only thing is...if I do write down one of my stories, I can't think of any really thrilling ones to talk about.  Maybe I could do a really interesting one about how daring I USED to be.  Meh, I can still be daring I guess.
Playing some Ke$ha for some creative thinking xD

Okay, I got it!  I used to be friends with this chick when I was 13.  I'll call her Jamie because I prefer not to mention her real name.  She lived on a short dead-end street with a few other houses.  This one really hot guy lived next to her so we used to try to impress him when we went outside.  We used to wear shorts and stuff all the time. 
He worked as a volunteer for the fire department in her town so one night he came home and I was dared to run after his car and yell "honey, I'm home!"  It was funny, but I think it freaked him out.  Then that same night we were outside pretty late and playing on her trampoline when we decided to sing Basket Case by Green Day towards his house.  xD  Long story short: he never showed himself when I was at her house ever again.  As far as I know, he moved to another state.  He's probably out there living his wonderful life. 

I might start rambling about random things so I apologize if no one cares.  If you don't, I have the best suggestion ever.  Ready for it?  X OUT OF THIS PAGE.  Thank you. :P

OH.  A friend of mine found me a copy of this cd I lost when I moved.  It was one of my favorites.  It's Against All Authority and the album is 24 Hour Roadside Resistance...if anyone is curious.  It's kind of repetitive, but the lyrics are what I like.  If I have any suggestions, they would be to listen to "Ugly Desires" and "The Excuses".  :3  Oh and "The Next Song".

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I just got home from dance.  2 hours of non-stop practice (jumping) and I'm dead tired.  Probably going to sleep soon. 
I'm excited about tomorrow because it should be an easy day at school.  Then I go to Lindsay's.

On a random side note, I don't like when people say something in a really sarcastic manner to get on someone's nerves.  You know who you are.  P.S.~ You aren't doing very well trying to p*** me off.  :D

To all those lovely people out there who probably aren't reading this, have a lovely night and a good day tomorrow.  :3

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Anything new? Nope.

So other than having this horrible throat infection for 4 days, nothing much has happened.  I did go with my mother to take some pictures for the church she goes to and we took our cat.  Even the photographer laughed because he's so photogenic.
I also found out that my cat can say "yes", "no", and my name! It was crazy.
Oh and Kitten and I broke up.  It's alright, though, because we're still talking.  At least until he makes a comment about me not having friends again.  Then I'll tell him to get lost.
I swear I'm too forgiving.  I already told him to go f*** himself last week, but then we talked again and it's like nothing ever happened.  It's like our whole relationship vanished off the face of the planet.

Ah! My roommate made cookies...and I want some...but I can't have them because my throat feels like a bunch of glass just went down it.
And...I'm typing about my feelings (like anyone really cares) and my roommate is talking to her boyfriend and suddenly I hear him say "Ever seen The Dictator?" or something along those lines and she goes "dick eater?"  And I thought she was so innocent with virgin ears and mouth! xD I'm just kidding.

I get to see my friend Matt tomorrow! Well hopefully.  I think he's coming over and I'm making us some shrimp.  Then we may go to a park.  Depends on the weather.