Friday, May 9, 2014

Nothing much has happened lately.  Other than things not going as planned which is just somewhat annoying.  It feels like allergies are showing up and they're making me feel like crap.  But everything is just peachy.

Jarred started work on Wednesday and it's been depressing without getting to see him.  Yes, I haven't seen him since Wednesday night and I'm about to cry.  Last night there was a thunderstorm and all I wanted was to cuddle with someone.  Instead I got to lie there alone and imagine it. 
I'll hopefully be starting work in the next month.  Hopefully.  If not, I'm going to have a B.F. (reference from the movie White Chicks ha ha). But really.  I want to start working because it gives me something to do, but it seems that everyone is taking their sweet time and it's frustrating. 

Dance is almost over and, if I don't start this coming week, I'm going to have 11 hours of dance.  I'm not sure if I already mentioned that, but it's crazy.

The other night, I was sitting in the kitchen with Jarred when we both saw a mouse run across the counter top.  I thought it was adorable and started getting all excited.  He just stared at me like "what is your problem you weirdo?"  Then my roommate walked in and I said, "Hey, guess what.  I just saw a mouse run across the counter..."  She replied with "You're kidding me!" She was also backing away into the living room.  It was funny.
I have a speech today...and I can't tell if I'm nervous or if I really don't care.  I mean, it's the last day of classes.  Why should I care what anyone (except the teacher, of course) thinks of my speech?

I'll keep whoever is reading this updated if they really care. Bye Bye, TAY TAY!!! :P hehe

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