Thursday, May 1, 2014

Today was a very exciting day!  I think I may have found a second job to help me get my own apartment without roommates (ha).  Not like I don't like my roommates now, but it would be nice to live on my own. Then I could have my pet hamster named Hamster! :D  Or a kitten. 

In my solo, I fall to the floor on my knees and it's already taking a toll.  I have bruises all around my knees and on my shins.  I can't wait for many more practices.  And the extra hours I'll be putting in.

So yeah, I went to an interview today and the manager showed me around a bit and told me she'd call me  back Monday to let me know if I got the job.  First they had to do a background check xD.  It's okay, I've never gone to jail (contrary to some people's beliefs). 

Random thought of the night!  I'm wearing a shirt Jarred let me borrow and it smells like him :3  Is it weird that I like how he smells?  Haha, at least I'm not sneaking into his house to steal his undies or something.  That may creep him out a little.
Random story of the night!  I was just sitting here on my bed typing and listening to music when all of the sudden...*COUGH COUGH* (my roommate's boyfriend on the other side of the room).  I jumped so badly then started laughing because I realized it was only him.  Not some giant mouse trying to kill me or something.  OH...what if it was a giant killer worm?! (O.o)  I should write a movie about that and call it "Low Budget Movie About Giant Killer Worms".  At least I would be completely honest about how much it will probably suck.  It's not like it would ever get into a movie theater. did I even come up with that crap?! xD

*singing*  ...we can live like Jack and Sally if we want where you can always find me and we'll have Halloween on Christmas and in the night we'll wish this never ends... :D

I made a playlist on my I pod called "TheplaylistofmylifeifIhadone" and it has the most random songs on there...and I should add a couple others...
Yeah, it's random, but I just remembered it was on there.

Ooh.  I wanna explain why I picked these songs and the memories that go along with them.

1.  Everything Back But You by Avril Lavigne.  I dedicated this one to my first boyfriend years ago.  He was a huge jerk. 
2.  Revenge by Mindless Self Indulgence.  Psh.  I feel this way when someone makes me angry so it's to anyone who seriously p'd me off in the past.  Oh, and it reminds me of S********** because it's MSI (haha).
3.  What The Hell by Avril Lavigne.  I've felt this way quite a bit, though I never made out with my boyfriend's friend.  Don't really plan on it (bleh :x)
4.  The Divine Infection by Motionless in White.  It's kind of obvious.
(If you're getting bored with this and have no interest, just skip over this section.)
5.  I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace.  I once thought up a music video idea to this song, but I don't have the equipment or the people so it never happened :(
6.  Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift.  I hate when girls do this.  It's happened to me many a time.
7.  Pick Up the Phone by Falling In Reverse.  I've dated guys like this unfortunately.  A lot of them... :/  What a waste.
8.  Life Must Go On by Alter Bridge.  This song changed my life.  A few years ago, I was going through some major depression and one night I was all alone in my room and I heard this song. 
9.  All I Really Want by Alanis Morissette.  This totally describes me! xD 
10. Amaryllis by Shinedown.  I have this weird thing where I name my plants and my first was an Amaryllis plant so I dedicated this song to him.  His name was Charlie.  Yeah, I get it...I'm a strange chick.
11. No More by Three Days Grace.  The line "what do we stand for when we all live in fear?" was something that I completely agreed with and, eventually, I'd like it get it tattooed somewhere.
12. Shut Me Up by MSI!  This is the song that S********** let me listen to on our first date.   I think about that night when I hear the song...and I wish the damn memory would just go away!!!

I've probably made any normal person bored.  So I'll leave the rest of this for another time.  I'm closing out. Night.

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