Monday, May 12, 2014

So I'm sitting here on my bed once again.  Today was my first day at work and it was pretty stressful to be honest.  More stressful than I thought it would be.  I am excited to go in tomorrow, though.  Hey, it gives me something to do.  11-4 :3.
Is it weird that I'm listening to Frozen music?  I remember when I watched that movie.  I cried at the end xD.

So I had dance earlier this evening and I saw a dance to Human by Christina Perri.  It was so beautiful :D.  I wanted to be in the senior class so badly.  Maybe next year if I do dance...AH! The recital is in 6 days.  Crazy stuff right there!

I guess I'll write about my feelings (like anyone truly cares).  But, yeah.  I guess we have a stray cat hanging around our apartment.  It's adorable :D and I wanna kittynap it when I leave (hehe).
Today at work, these two girls who I work with were nice enough to come up to me and introduce themselves.  One helped show me where everything was.  Then I was cleaning tables when some guy I went to high school with walked in.  It was kind of weird...
There were like 5 20-some year old guys who kept looking at me weird.  They were probably wondering why I was standing there so awkwardly.  One smiled at me and then I looked at the ground xD.  Yes, that's how awkward I am around people.
At least I didn't see my ex boyfriend from when I was 14.  I saw him in town a couple days ago with his girlfriend.  Bleh.  Gross.

I think I'm going to tape my dances this year.  Then put them up on you tube.  Or something.

Really?  I'm sorry that's how I felt about a certain something. (-.-)  You can be mad at me, but I'm not sure what good it will do for you.
Wanna know something funny?  Since January I've changed a lot.  I don't take nearly as much crap as I used to from people.  Of course, that sometimes gets me in trouble. 

Okay, goodnight.  :3

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