Wednesday, July 2, 2014

So I know I haven't written anything in here in a while...I've been super busy.  I moved again. xD  Hopefully by the end of this week I'll have my own place.  Then maybe I can get another job.

At work last night they were talking shit about me.  Well guess what.  Maybe they should invest in a vacuum!!  But I'm not going to frustrate myself thinking about it. :3  Except I have a short story to tell.  So I've been staying at Jarred's house and he lets me use his car to get to work every night (I've been working 7:30-1am).  So I went to work last night and had to pull over like 3 times because his car was acting up (the back tends to pop open so I had to close it).  Work was crap and I was not in a good mood because it was supposed to rain and, you see, his windshield wipers don't work.  We have to fix that.  So we finish up about 1:05 this morning and Jarred texts me and says it's pouring at his house (he lives about 40 minutes away) and he wanted to come out and drive because he figured it's really dangerous.  I told him it was completely dry where I was and if it started getting bad I'd pull over and let him come out and get me because I wasn't going to die.  As soon as we walked out of the doors it started raining.  I was a little melodramatic and told Crissy (my mum's friend/ manager) she could replace me if I ever died then I peeled out of the driveway (I was really irritated and acted like a kid, yes).  But long story short, it stopped raining as soon as I got out of town.  I only passed one car and the lightning was beautiful!  Got to his house around 2 because I drove slower.  Then I walk in the door and he handed me an egg sandwich he made for me :3  It was really good and I don't even like eggs.

What else is new?  Hmmm...
Oh (haha) one time this guy told me to listen to this very hateful song and said it was to me.  So Jarred and I were playing music and I played that song.  Jarred goes "daaaamn..."  He says the guy is definitely not over it and then we started talking about more important things. 
I don't know if I wrote it in here already, but I got my tongue pierced.  It didn't really hurt and I was surprised.  It did take me a while to get used to it.  One time it fell out when I was eating.  I nearly freaked out (haha).

Human - Christina Perri is a good song.  A Thousand Years is a really good song too.

So I realized something last night while I was working.  I've been really weird in relationships since my first boyfriend when I was 14.  I never cared for these guys as much as they did for me.  The last one was the worst break up I'd say and I'm assuming he really loved me.  So...I have also had a problem with pretending to be someone I'm not. 
When I met Jarred in class, I started doing the same thing.  In fact, for the beginning of the relationship, we argued a lot.  We even broke up once.  All because I couldn't open up to him.  But in the last few weeks, it's changed a lot.  We get along so much better. 
Back to what I realized.  I can never make up my mind for certain things and that causes me to get bored with people easily.  But then I imagined Jarred.  He's different.  We broke up and after like half an hour, we were talking again.  That's never really happened.'s somewhat obvious what conclusion I came to.  Plus he wakes up at 2am just to make me food xD 

My parents also met him in the time I haven't written in here.  They really like him.  My father really really likes him! (O.O) 

But anyways, I have to go.  Bye, bye.

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