Friday, September 26, 2014

Hello everyone!! (Probably consisting of two people) haha.
So much has changed since I last wrote in here!!  I finally got a car last month :3  I have been in the process of making it all pretty-like.  I put a sticker on the back...and that's as far as I've gotten.

Jarred and I moved into an apartment together in July.  His brother gave us a bearded dragon and then we got a little weiner dog named Stumpy.  He's the cutest!!  He'll sit in your lap and just look at you with his little fuzzy face.  It's adorable!  :33  We went to these weiner dog races and everyone who walked by had to stop and pet him lol.
It was funny, when we first moved in together, everyone was all "oh, you're not gonna get along...blah blah blah", but it's been 3 months and we're fine.  We have random conversations like "if Stumpy could talk, what would his voice sound like?"  That was one of the best ones xD

I also made a new friend named Cassy.  She's awesome.  Also is the only girl I know of around my age who loves tattoos and reading as much as I do.  We may hang out this week sometime :3

When Jarred first brought me to his house to meet his family, I was really shy and didn't really say much to them.  Then I wanted to dye my hair and he said his cousin could do it.  So we went down to his grandma's one day and his cousin was there.  I asked her to help me and she said we could do it a couple days later.  And we did.  Then a few days later, Jarred's friend Jared and his cousin came over and we all sat around talking.  It was fun because I actually spoke!!! O.O  Anyways, after that I got over some of my anxiety around people and his cousin kind of became my friend.  She moved to another state, though so I'm kinda bummed.

July 4th weekend was awesome.  We went to see fireworks with his mom and her boyfriend, his brother and his girlfriend, his uncle and aunt and a few other people.  They did some hotdogs and we walked around...and then I fell in a ditch and almost punched his friend in the face :3  Don't really remember the fireworks, though, probably because I slept through them :/

What else is new....hmmm....
The day we moved in this apartment, my parents helped us and we decided to go to lunch.  We got to this restaurant and got our order when I saw a familiar face looking at me.  It was my best friend from middle school!!!  I hadn't seen her in years.  So she gave me her number and we hung out that night and talked about stuff that has happened.  She didn't really end up being someone I still wanted to be friends with.  She was a b**** and I worked with her and that was no fun.

I'm also taking a semester off of school to figure out what I really wanna do and I'm probably going back in January.  Possibly to a different school.  Maybe I'd see less people I know there :3

I also got a new phone.  I hate it so very much.  It's Jarred's cousin's old I Phone.  No.  Never again will I have one of these.  It's slow and the camera sucks a-s-s. -,-  The good thing is that my number changed!  No more creepy people bothering me :3

Well, I should probably walk Stumps.  I'll write in here again soon hopefully.
Au revoir!! :p

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